Background to the Farnham Infrastructure Programme


Background on the Farnham Infrastructure Programme

Surrey County Council, Waverley Borough Council and Farnham Town Council with the support of Jeremy Hunt MP are working together to tackle transport and infrastructure issues such as congestion and air quality in Farnham and its surrounding areas, including congestion and air quality. This is called the Farnham Infrastructure Programme, and the partners meet at the Farnham Board to drive the work forward.

The aim is to help Farnham become a better, more environmentally-friendly place for those who live, work, study in, or visit the town.

Since the Farnham Infrastructure Programme was formed we’ve been developing proposals to:

  • reduce carbon emissions 
  • improve the connections between Farnham’s communities
  • support economic vitality and encouraging growth
  • improve life in Farnham with clean air, healthy lifestyles and less dominance of traffic on communities.

Through the programme, we’ve been bringing residents with us every step of the way. First with our vision consultation, and then we asked your opinion again as we turned the vision into our masterplan - called the Optimised Infrastructure Plan. Now we are coming to you with proposals for the town centre for your comments, as well as highlighting options for the A31 corridor. 

Programme vision

In 2020 a vision document was written, and people in town were given a chance to comment on it. The vision identified the issues in the town and considered what the programme wanted to achieve. This was summarised in a vision statement for the programme: “Deliver an attractive, well-integrated, future-focused and high-quality infrastructure solution for Farnham that enables a connected and vibrant town, where people choose to live, work, study and spend their leisure time in sustainable ways.” You can read the vision document here .

The Optimised Infrastructure Plan

Following a consultation in February and March 2021, an Optimised Infrastructure Plan (OIP) has now been agreed. It identifies a Farnham-wide programme of solutions to the issues highlighted in the vision. This will help to ensure that Farnham can become a better, more environmentally-friendly place for those who live, work, study in, or visit the town.   You can read the final OIP here .

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