Farnham-wide improvements


Farnham-wide improvements

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Providing environmental improvements across Farnham to help people travel and tackle the causes of climate change will be vital to the success of the programme, and to bring the change people in the town want to see.

Helping people leave the car at home

  • Creation of a travel app, which brings public transport, walking and cycling options together in one place
  • Introducing car clubs to the town, for people who don’t need regular use of a car
  • More work with schools to encourage more walking and cycling
  • More emphasis on supporting pedestrians including improved footpaths, priority streets and new crossing points
  • Increased cycle parking in the town centre and other key locations
  • Dedicated cycle paths
  • Hire or subsidised purchase of e-bikes and e-scooters.
  • Reclaiming roads from cars

  • Piloting and then rolling out low traffic neighbourhoods – where it is harder for drivers to ‘rat run’ through residential areas.
  • Using buses

  • Improved services and bus stops
  • Using electric and ultra-low emission buses
  • Review fares – including free passes and hopper tickets
  • Review bus routes.
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    Additional materials

    Read a summary of the Farnham-wide improvements
    Read a summary of the Farnham-wide improvements
    Read a summary of the infrastructure plan
    Read a summary of the infrastructure plan

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