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Comment on 20mph speed limit and traffic calming proposals

A public consultation on proposals to reduce speed limits to 20mph in Farnham town centre, Weydon Lane and Upper Hale Road is now open.

The proposals are based on speed surveys which were commissioned by the Farnham Infrastructure Programme to understand the issues caused by speeding vehicles and consider how they might be addressed.

The surveys said that road signage and markings would be enough in most locations to encourage drivers to stick to 20mph speed limits, but there are two locations where further measures are proposed.

On Castle Street, its proposed to create small gateway features in the road to locate new 20mph signs alongside attractive flower planting. They will also narrow the road and help to calm the traffic as it enters and exits the town centre. Residents can give feedback on this in the 20mph consultation.

There is a separate consultation for the installation of traffic calming measures in Upper Hale Road to support the 20mph limit. It is proposed to put speed cushions near the Alma Lane, Queens Road and Wellesley Garden junctions.

  • Comment on the 20mph proposals
  • Comment on Upper Hale traffic calming .
  • The consultations close on 3 January 2022.

    Final Optimised Infrastructure Plan for Farnham

    The final Optimised Infrastructure Plan for Farnham is now available. The document has been updated following a consultation earlier this year and highlights the future priorities for the infrastructure programme.

    Read the Optimised Infrastructure Plan (PDF)

    Posted on 30th November 2021

    by Programme team