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Fly into the future of Farnham with a free virtual reality experience

Virtual reality technology will enable people in Farnham to explore the potential future of the town centre by jet pack this Summer. The FREE immersive experience will be in various locations around Farnham from 16 August. This follows public exhibitions held in July by the Farnham Infrastructure Programme as part of the on-going consultation which proposes changes to Farnham town centre. There will be four virtual reality sessions available. You can book a time in advance or turn up on the day. Book your virtual reality experience online now by visiting: https://www.eventbrite.com/cc/jet-pack-into-the-future-of-farnham-978559 The experience will see participants using the latest in virtual reality headset technology to fly around the town centre by jet pack. It will give an opportunity to explore and feedback on how Farnham could be transformed if current proposals are agreed. The proposed future town centre will come alive as jet-packers feel the vibrations, hear the sounds, look around the 360-degree views and fly through hoops to see the different options being proposed. Those not keen to fly can keep their feet firmly on the ground and use a joystick to travel around instead. The innovative experience aims to give everyone a chance to try virtual reality for free and discover what Farnham could look like in the future, but it also has a serious mission. The aim is to encourage more people of all ages to have the chance to input into and shape the future of the place they live, work and play.

Posted on 11th August 2022

by FIP team

Town centre update and consultation feedback

Surrey County, Waverley Borough and Farnham Town Councils came together at the Farnham Board on Friday 11 June to discuss the Farnham Infrastructure Programme (FIP). You can watch a recording of the meeting on YouTube , or see the latest updates below. Town centre update The pavement widening measures in The Borough are to be removed, according to plans confirmed at the Farnham Board. Councillors have been listening to feedback about the impact of the measures on the town centre, as numbers of car journeys increase as lockdown restrictions are lifted. The measures on Downing Street and Castle Street will remain in place. The timeline for the changes is being worked out, but will happen as soon as possible. It is hoped that removing the wider pavements on The Borough will help improve traffic flow and reduce pollution; while keeping the other measures will support an improved pedestrian experience in the town centre. The Farnham Infrastructure Programme is currently investigating long-term town centre improvements - any new solutions will need to avoid moving problems elsewhere, and support increased walking and cycling. As part of the review of the social distancing measures, bays for disabled parking in Castle Street are due to be reinstated. The traffic island at the junction with The Borough was reinstated on Sunday 13 June. OIP consultation analysis Full analysis of the responses to the draft Optimised Infrastructure Plan (OIP) consultation has now been completed. While people in Farnham are broadly supportive of the measures proposed in the plan, there were some polarising views of some options. The results are now being considered, before an updated version of the OIP is agreed later this year. The consultation ran for four weeks in February and March. Read the analysis of the OIP consultation... Read a summary of the draft OIP... 'Quick wins' project update The FIP's 'quick wins' project is working towards making improvements in Farnham over the next two years. Here are some updates: Read the quick wins project update... The Farnham Infrastructure Programme Surrey County Council, Waverley Borough Council and Farnham Town Council are working together to tackle issues such as congestion and air quality in Farnham and its surrounding areas. This is called the Farnham Infrastructure Programme. People in Farnham can also hear more about the programme and have their say at regular meetings of the Local Liaison Forum - new dates will be available soon. Find out more about the Farnham Infrastructure Programme... Find out the latest on Local Liaison Forums...

Posted on 15th June 2021

by Programme team